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Savannah J. Foley

Creating and Destroying Worlds

25 May
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Savannah was born and raised in Washington State on a small farm outside of Seattle. She grew up the oldest of three sisters, feeding chickens, riding horses, and running wild in the woods.

She completed her first novel (which eventually became ‘Antebellum’) at age 15. It was published online at Fictionpress, where it received the love and attention of thousands of reviewers. By 18 she had written five novels of varying genre and began to seriously pursue the representation of a literary agent. She signed with the Bradford Literary Agency in December 2008.

Savannah moved with her family to Illinois, then Alabama, where she met her fiance in an Enchanted Forest. No joke.

Savannah is currently living in Alabama, working, attending college, contract writing, and collaborating with her agent to publish Antebellum. She has her own freelance writing company, SJF Writing.

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