savannahjfoley (savannahjfoley) wrote,

Sleeping Beauty Retelling Finished!


I finished writing the sleeping beauty story on Sunday! I decided on Friday that I was going to finish the book over the long weekend, come hell or high water, so I wrote 6k on Saturday and 4k on Sunday, finishing at a total of 66k.

This is how I looked when I finished:

Later on I'll do a 'Novel Reconstruct' and talk about the experience, but I just wanted to get the news out to you guys that it's done and safely resting in the capable hands of my first CP :-) (This will be Friends-Only, so if you haven't added me yet, go and do it!)

Thanks for everyone who supported and encouraged the process; it felt just like the old days when I posted chapters for the reviewers on FictionPress.

Stay tuned for more!

<3, Savannah

Tags: roses of ash, sleeping beauty
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