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Friday 5 - 5 Things I'm Thinking About

1) I'm scheduled to get my notes on Nameless from my agent this weekend! This means that after two months of not touching the book I get to dive back into edits, and I'm very excited to see how I feel about the writing after such a break. One thing I definitely noticed after reviewing the first chapter (I couldn't help myself!) is that I'm still having a slight voice issue with YA vs. Adult.

2) I'm reading the A Song of Ice and Fire book series and OMG HOLY COW WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS SOONER!?!?!? I had to find out on reddit when all the other cool kids started freaking out because the 5th book is coming out (after a 7 year wait). I just started the third book last night and I love the series SOOOOO MUCH! I've never cared about a multi-character-POV series before. I love them all!

3) A Song of Ice and Fire is coming to HBO!!! I don't have cable so I'll be downloading the episodes, but that is so freaking cool!

4) Is it just me or is everyone and their brother pregnant? I know 7 pregnant people. Someone else I know knows 14 pregnant people! Wow! What was going on 9 months ago?!

5) When I was 3, my parents went on vacation to San Fancisco to visit one of my mom's best friends. While there, they 'adopted' a Humpback Whale in my name. I named her Falco. Today I called up the Oceanic Society of San Francisco to see if they have any record of Falco and she's been spotted lately. We'll see how it goes!
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