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A Day In the Life: Talia

Recently Sarah J. Maas started off a new series at LTWF called 'Why We're Not As Cool As You Originally  Thought' where she shows her life in comparison to her characters. I'll be taking my turn at sharing a similar post in a few weeks and showing pictures from my daily life, but I wanted to do a mini-series here on the blog where I show you a day in the life of my characters, beginning with Talia from the sleeping beauty retelling.

This was super fun to do, and a great way to brainstorm if you don't feel like doing any actual writing at the moment.


Talia, known as Rose for most of the book, wakes up in the freezing cold, in a tent, in the middle of a wintery nowhere:

Mostly she gets to hang out with a dude who looks like this (his name is Rowan. You'll like him.)

But there's a lot of older, dirty, bearded men on the journey with them. Including this guy (his name is Gile. He's pretty cool too).

Then it's time to ride through the snow all day, on one of these:

Through scenery like this:

And, when it's storming, this:

Imagine trying to fight a winged monster (like the one below), in a storm like that.

And so we move on to the monsters. Inevitably they encounter some beast that has to be defeated. Here's a selection:


Gray Dog (Gile is in charge of naming the beasts. He's not very creative).

Fanged Snowball. (Gile thought it was funny. In the story the beast is white, if that gives you a further insight into his mind).

And finally a Snow Dragon.

At night, Rose is visited in dreams by this guy. Yeah, he's kind of mysterious. You can tell because we can't see his face in this pic (obvious implication is obvious).

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is the inspiration for her skin/hair coloring:

But in terms of actual facial structure, she's more like this:

Or this:


Coming soon, a Day in the Life of the Poetess from NAMELESS!
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