savannahjfoley (savannahjfoley) wrote,

Finished the Rewrite!!! And please recommend me some books!

Yesterday I finished the rewrite of Nameless!

I had decided to scrap the entire last third that I wrote during NaNoWriMo because it wasn't organic and I cringed through every chapter. Pro tip: When you cringe, you cut. End of story.

The end result is 100% better but it still makes me nervous. I sent it all away to my first CP so we'll see what the verdict is. In the mean time... I want to catch up on my reading!

What YA books do I absolutely HAVE to read? I've already read the following:

Living Dead Girl
Anna and the French Kiss
Forest of Hands and Teeth
The Summer I Turned Pretty

Conditions: I'm not really a fan of sarcastic narrators. Fantasy preferred, but not mandatory.

Show me what you got!
Tags: nameless, recommendation
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