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New Dog!

Last Wednesday, in the early hours of the morning, Chris heard a scratching at the back door. He opened it to find a big, fluffy white dog, who sported a collar with no tags and the frayed end of a rope.

We put her in the laundry room overnight, and Chris went door to door the next day while I was at work, trying to find her owner. We had already agreed that we would consider keeping the dog if her owner could not be found, but we weren't getting our hopes up. She was the sweetest, most even-tempered dog I had ever seen, and was making me seriously reconsider the Weim Dream.

Chris eventually located her owners and spoke to a daughter of the family: she said they had been planning to take her to the pound that same day because she kept escaping their backyard and shed like a beast!

They said we could have her if we wanted her, and her name was Sasha.

Behold, my first dog!!!

She's a Great Pyrenese, bred for protecting sheep and fighting bears. She's not food or emotion-oriented; she's very independent and obeys commands only when she wants to.

She does shed like a beast, and is only partially housebroken, but with a rigid schedule and daily groomings she hasn't been too much of a pain :-)

I've never had a dog of my own before -indeed, I have always professed to be a cat person. But there was a very unique feeling I experienced in the moments leading up to the revelation that we could keep her, then the euphoria that followed. I felt excited and eager and happy, and feel that way even now when I think about her. Is this why people love dogs so much?

She looks like Dug from Up!

Anyway, that's what I've been up to for the past few days... and also why I've gotten zero writing done :O

(If you feel like it, you can see more pics at my Facebook)
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