July 14th, 2011


The 'And Vampires' Game, Conspiracy Theories, and Zombies

I invented a game. It's called the And Vampires game. What you do is take a famous book title and then add 'And Vampires' to the end of it, like so:
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Vampires
  • A Brief History of Time and Vampires
  • Lord of the Rings and Vampires
  • A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Vampires
  • Roses of Ash and Vampires
  • Are you there Vodka? It's me, Chelsea And Vampires
XD. Oh Lord I amuse myself sometimes... what hilarious titles can you come up with?


Sometimes my ceaseless talking about book ideas and plots rubs off on Chris. He's a computer programmer, but exceptionally creative, and sometimes he comes up with book ideas that blow my mind.

The problem is that they're all government-conspiracy-based epics a la Clive Cussler. And after he comes up with these incredibly complicated platforms and histories, he wants me to write them.

Multi-POV, third person narration is not my specialty, at all. But I made him a deal: If he can generate enough back history and write a detailed enough plot, I might be able to make a readable book out of it. Even if it's never in good enough shape to get an agent, we could always self-publish. The nerd community would eat this stuff up: Every conspiracy theory is true, and someone behind the scenes contacts an investigative journalist to blow the cover off everything, mixed in with a centuries-old struggle for power brought to a breaking point by scientific advances that spread something like the Rage virus to unwitting test subjects in South Africa via mosquito bites. Badass, right?

The best part is that he's writing about conspiracy theories, and naming his characters after factoids present in the lives of famous conspiracy theorists. This gives me unchartable glee.

We'll see how it goes.


Speaking of the Rage virus... I mentioned in my last post that I'm potentially working on a zombie book. And while I still haven't gotten an official okay from my agent to work on the story, I have 3k written and am rapidly figuring out the as-yet-unclear parts of the plot. I think I've decided to share an excerpt from the first chapter for Teaser Tuesday, so stay tuned!

Also I had notice from a friend that a friend of hers had just signed with an agent based on a book that sounded eerily similar to the one-line summary I posted on Twitter. I sent her the pitch I have so far and she determined the books are sufficiently different, but whew, those were a tense few minutes.

It happens all the time that books with similar-sounding plots sell, but even a few sentences of summary that sounds exactly like your book will be wildly different in execution.

I'll leave you with this beautiful and awesome song by The Cranberries called Zombie. Please find time to listen to it; you won't regret it. <3