July 8th, 2011


The Dogma of Hair

I'm not 'into' hair, and can barely manage to straighten my own (when it's not in default ponytail setting). Curling irons are beyond me. Heck, I don't even blow dry my hair - it makes me sweaty and my hand gets all vibratey and I don't like it. Plus I'm terrible at wielding the round brush.

But I do think about hair a lot, not from a style perspective, but from a social perspective. Hair symbolizes a lot of things. Here are my thoughts on the matter, and why, for such a non-styled person, hair is very important to me personally.

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I guess I'm thinking about hair because I'm going to get mine done tomorrow. And while I don't want to be one of those people who blogs/tweets about their hair, maybe from this post you can understand why I find it so interesting and personal.

Do you have any dogmatic ideas about hair and its symbolism?