September 25th, 2010


10 Things

It's making the rounds again... sjmaas did a fabulous one... 10 Things Most People Don't Know About Me. Here's my contribution:

1. When I was in 4th and 5th grade, I was a Trekkie, particularly for Startrek Voyager. Can we just agree that the Borg are some of the best villains ever? I was such a fan of recovered drone Seven of Nine that my dad helped me join the Jerri Ryan fan club. I joined just in time to get a signed head shot sent to me in a promotional deal, which I promptly lost in the files of my desk. I didn't even change houses or rooms; I simply never saw it again :-(

2. I started seriously writing because of the Animorphs... I wanted to write a story where Tobias and Rachel got married, so one night at a sleepover, my friends and I concocted a plot line and I got started. Two years later I was writing the first draft of Antebellum (the stories were not related).

3. I'm 6'2. People in my real life know this (obviously), but on the internet everyone is the same height. So, now you know. I've been 6'2 since I was 16.

4. I used to run a blog where basically all I did was make fun of Christopher Paolini. Then, when I started to get serious about getting published, I made all the entries private so my rants couldn't come back to haunt me. But take me aside one time in real life and I'll tell you exactly what I think of Mr. P.

5. I have a bit of Irish in me... supposedly the Foley family is descended from a King Foglada. We're not of the official line though... apparently the King had a fondness for concubines ;-) On this same side of the family I have Cherokee Indian, and English going back to the pilgrims. On the other side it's Swedes all the way back. Yes, I do love pickled herring.

6. When I was in 5th grade I went to a modeling tryout in Seattle. Apparently my acting skills (the tryout was an ad for orange juice) were sufficient enough to warrant the agency awarding me with a scholarship to take modeling/acting classes with them in Seattle. Eventually it got boring and I stopped wanting to go. The only thing I remember is some really awkward-looking but useful mouth stretches to make your pronunciation better.

7. In 4th - 5th grade (wow, a lot of stuff happened around that time) I was placed into a gifted program that involved a school transfer. The standards were higher, and I failed math, having never learned how to study. I was so bored in school (from not paying attention, see?) that I invented my own code language which translated letters into other letters, except for letters involved in sound groupings, like s, c, t, and h. I became so proficient in translating words that to this day I can read English and translate it into the code language out loud as fast as I can read it. Aren't you jealous of my dorkiness?

8. I was born with pyloric stenosis... essentially the muscle that controls the hole that leads from my stomach to my intestines was too big, and it wouldn't let any food pass through. I would projectile vomit (yes, just like in the Exorcist) after a very audible precursor of rumbling. The doctor didn't believe my mom, cause I was her first child, and when he found out that I would basically starve to death without major surgery he was mortified. So, I had surgery to get that muscle fixed at the age of two months, and have had a wicked scar on my stomach ever since. This is not the only reason I will never be a bikini model, lol.

9. You might have noticed a theme in the pictures for my websites... butterflies, bats, possums, and owls are all my particular symbols. When I refer to my muse (which is seldom, because the horror of rhapsodizing about a fickle, female muse is a nightmare of mine), I call it the duende, and believe it takes the form of a bat. Probably a flying fox. Also, it is probably male.

10. The J in Savannah J. Foley does stand for my actual middle name. I have a very unusual middle name; it is the Swedish last name of my great-grandmother, and I don't give it out easily.