July 29th, 2010


The Sweetest Lemonade

In the old days Kings would send messengers to tack notices on walls to let the people know of changes or announcements.

Times have not much changed. We're still posting announcements to walls, it's just that these days the walls are on Facebook.

You can gripe all you want about social media and lack of privacy, but personally I like announcing changes to all my friends, family, and acquaintances at once. It's easy, I get immediate feedback, and we can all have a community discussion. Plus I feel like a Queen in her tower, sending out notices to the peasants >:)

The other thing about Facebook is that it's become a standard of officiousness, particularly where relationships are concerned. No more do you have to wonder at what point you become boyfriend/girlfriend with someone... if it ain't on Facebook, it ain't happening.

The point I'm leading up to is... as of last night it became Official... Chris and I are back together :-)

I have a lot I could say, but right now I'd just like to exhale and smile for a bit. And sip on this really delicious lemonade. I never could have made it without the lemons (are you tired of this metaphor yet?)