April 16th, 2010


Can YA be Dark?

Can YA be 'dark'? I don't mean dark as in a bunch of kids in a shadow world trying to stop a wizard who murders people with magic and scary creatures. And I don't mean dark as in teenagers facing the terrifying reality of streets filled with drugs and gangs.

I mean truly, emotionally dark. YA novels just sopping with emotional, cultural, and familial pain.

Because I've had another idea. It's about kids, probably 11-year-olds. But it's very dark and sad. So I'm wondering... can a story featuring kids with emotionally-strangling kid issues be YA or does the emotional intensity of it kick it over to Adult?

I don't have enough plot to give a summary just yet, but I was inspired by the following:

1) This painting:

2) And this song (not the music video):

I don't even feel weird cause I have so many novels on the stove right now. I just feel really lucky that stories are choosing to show themselves to me again.

What are your thoughts on this quandry?