April 3rd, 2010


Goodbye Princess Hair

The girls at Let The Words Flow were teasing me about my princess hair. I have had incredibly long hair, and I have had natural dreadlock-like ringlets. Hence, 'princess hair.'

But today I got my hair cut. And I know that reading about other peoples' hair is boring, but I look so cute now that I had to share :-D

Getting foiled... see the princess hair?

Getting the eyebrows done (Finally! Once they colored them in I could see the Cro Magnon I'd become)

The final result

Schoolgirl pigtails

and from the side

It's okay though. I can still totally kick some ass in the pigtails.

Hair cutting is actually very symbolic in a lot of cultures. Women cut their hair when experiencing deep grief or loss. Even in America, it is common for a woman to desire to change her hair when she loses a lover. Biblically speaking, our hair is our beauty, and to cut it all off is like lashing out in a self-destructive way at our significant other.

Our hair also tells a story of our health. Women who wear long, healthy hair are demonstrating that they would be a good mate.

And me? I just needed a change. I want to feel put-together, confident, and capable. I think experiencing a loss had something to do with it, as well. I want to be a new person, free from that loss.

Day 1 of my New Life. Ready set go!