March 26th, 2010


Books Came In (With Pics!)

The books came in three days earlier than I expected!

Unopened box. Yes, that's my cat about to get into everything.

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken. It's thicker than I thought it would be, and the font inside is just lovely.

All the books spread out

sjmaas, this one's for you.

Sooo super excited to read this one!

This is so exciting! I'm going to read Brightly Woven first, followed by Sabriel, then the zombie book.

However, I'm not going to get much reading (or writing) done this weekend because my friend Jaden Nation is coming to visit me.

It is going to be EPIC. Thanks again SO much to everyone who gave me ideas for books to buy! I feel so good right now just thinking about all the fun I have in front of me!