February 20th, 2010


Latest Accomplishments

All by myself I cleaned most of the house. I even did laundry. For me, this is very impressive. It's not that I mind doing laundry, it's just that I don't understand it.

My parents were the kind of parents that would get mad when I asked for help doing something new, like folding kitchen towels, or using the vacuum, and tell me to 'figure it out', then get mad when I didn't do it 'the right way.' They meant well, but they couldn't conceive of how I didn't know how to do these so-called instinctive things.

Which is how I found myself nearly 18 and without a driver's license. I finally took Driver's Ed in school. I learned so much. You get a free right turn? Green lights mean you can go only half the time, if you're turning?

My mom was horrified by all I didn't know. All those years I had driven in cars, and I didn't know which was the brake and which was the gas? I was daydreaming out the window all those years, Mom. I was coming up with stories and taking in the sights. I wasn't craning from the backseat to watch where your feet were underneath the dashboard.

Anyway, all I'm saying is, no one taught me how to do laundry 'properly.' And so I avoid it, because it always comes out wrong.

Anyway, aside from cleaning, I've got an interview lined up with Some Kind of Wonderful founder Jenina (SKOW on Fictionpress). I was a finalist in some of those contests, though sjmaas usually won. ;-)

I also THOUGHT I had an interview with Tricia Goyer, but she has stopped responding to my tweets to get her email so I can actually ask her questions.

So we'll see how that goes.

Now, off to buy a pestle and mortar, buy tires because mine are bald, fill out an application to adopt a weimeranar, price out how much it would cost to put a fence in for said weimaraner, and learn definitively how to spell 'weimeraner'. I've tried three different spellings in this entry and none are right.