February 11th, 2010


The Joy of a Crit Partner

Last night as my eyes were half open with exhaustion, the lovely bee245 (Biljana) critiqued chapter three of my Work In Progress (As-yet untitled). In this chapter I introduced Jesse, and Billy told me that I got him ALL wrong, and had essentially created a carciature out of his character.

I love Biljana. Biljana, whenever you read this, I love you.

I thought there might have been a problem because I could not get his speech to come out right AT all, and Biljana totally picked up on it and said, 'yes, you must rewrite this.' It's so good to have a second opinion, someone to go after me and confirm that funny feeling in my head that something's not right.

And we got some pacing issues worked out, so I'm thrilled.

In other news, we're extending query week by another week at LTWF! I'll be posting on Monday explaining Synopses and querying tracking, then we have Sarah with what happens after querying, then Vanessa di Gregorio with what she looks for as a literary agent intern, then mandyhubbard on Thursday will wrap up Query Week 2 because she is NOW A LITERARY AGENT! Hooray!

As for me, my fiance is sick with a nasty cold, but I feel fine. I did NOT get up and exercise today, but I'm eating like a bird (sooo busy; no time to eat or prepare food!) and have lost 5 pounds in two weeks. Which is very decent.