February 6th, 2010


Writer's Room

I downloaded Writer's Room. It's an application for Mac, and what it does is take over your entire screen so all you can see is your background (Black) and your words (lime green until you change the color). And that's it!

Immersion writing. I love that idea. Unfortunately, right now I'm supposed to be reading lazy_iris's novel, Phantom Beauty, but as I told her last night, I am a terrible critique partner. I plan on actually doing it just after I'm done with this entry.

Anyway, I once heard a writer say that the location where you wrote the book is very important, and will have an effect on the book itself. For example, he said, most of his recent novel was written while he was on the floor of his kitchen.

I have kept this quote with me for a long time (you can tell because I don't know his name, lol), and considered all aspects of it. Therefore I am very interested in where you write, and what applications you use.

Personally, I write in Word (I may switch over to Writer's Room; it's pretty neat), typically in bed. It's comfortable there.

How about you?