November 21st, 2009


Friday 5 (On a Saturday)

Friday Five: Five Things I Love

Taken from fellow Let the Word’s Flow blog contributor seeyouupside (Rachel):

1) That the characters for my new novel are finally taking root and beginning to get at me. I can see pieces of their lives now, but the big picture is still out of focus. I am starting with details and slowly zooming out to see all of it. Then I will be able to tell their story. It doesn’t help that they’re very secretive and paranoid.

2) That it’s Friday, which means Chris and I are having dinner with my family tonight and play Hearts or Spades, then Chris and I will go home and we’ll catch up on The Office, 30 Rock, Community, and I will watch Glee when he is asleep (on Then on Saturday I finally will have enough time to clean my house. I can’t think straight when my physical things are cluttered.

3) That I appear to be losing weight due to healthy eating, which means I stand a chance of looking good in my wedding dress. Also, I decided that we should go ahead and get married in August, not in January like I was pushing for. No one would be able to come, and I had a dream that happened and I was sad because everyone was exhausted from the holidays and couldn’t celebrate with us.

4) That the contract project I’m working on now (editing the manuscript for a woman who wrote a touching memoir about her dog) is progressing well, and my Client loved the initial revisions I did.

5) That I definitely won’t be taking classes next semester, and then I’ll have more time to actually do things like clean and work on art projects and work on all the writing I want to do. December cannot get here fast enough!